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Alpha 5.0 LED Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


Download Driver

  • Downloadable Software Available: Dedicated software provides the ultimate control of your gaming experience. Choose between LED lighting effects and brightness behind each key, as well as the capability to save up to 3 different profile settings for quick and convenient configuration options. Software is not compatible with Mac (macOS).
  • Full Anti-Ghosting Keys: Never worry about your macro shortcuts not engaging during in-game action. Anti-ghosting technology allows for uninterrupted shortcuts and prevents the loss of keystrokes during intense gameplay. Make every keystroke count no matter the speed of your actions.
  • Individual LED Programmable Mechanical Keys: Software allows you to customize each keys individual LED light for ultimate performance gaming. Set your movement keys (WASD) to stand out with custom colors to differentiate them from the rest of the keyboard. Let your LED selections enhance your gaming experience. Built with mechanical reliability and customizable options, this keyboard will soon be your new favorite gameplay companion.
  • Volume and LED Control Knob: Control knob is conveniently placed to seamlessly control LED brightness and volume so you can quickly adjust your settings without interruption. The control knob rotates smoothly to provide quick and easy commands.
  • Detachable Magnetic Ergonomic Palm Rest: Ergonomically designed to provide hours of comfort, this palm rest is easy to attach or remove depending on your playstyle and game needs. The slim profile of the palm rest is easy to store when not in use and can be quickly reattached with secure magnetic

Exceptional performance with every keystroke, Monster’s stunning mechanical keyboard sets a new standard of performance gaming right at your fingertips. Actuation keystrokes so precise and lightning fast that your gaming skills will be on a whole new level of competition. Designed with our intuitive anti-ghosting technology to prevent keystroke loss during intense gaming, you’ll never have to worry about your shortcuts not registering.

Craft your personalized gaming setup with the downloadable software to customize LED lighting, including the customization of each individual key, and create custom macros – you have complete control! The built-in volume and LED control knob is conveniently placed on the upper right side of the keyboard so you can quickly control the LED brightness and volume without interrupting the in-game action. Designed to provide hours of comfort, the ergonomic magnetic palm rest gives extra support when you need it and provides complete comfort during those lengthy gaming sessions. Unleash your Monster with our outstanding line of gaming products!